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Our Texas tacos are larger than Mexican street-style tacos, but smaller than burritos. We generally recommend planning for 2.5 tacos per adult and 1.5 tacos per youngster.

All of the items on our catering menu are packaged how you see them in the photos when putting your order together. Everything can be served as-is or can be transferred into your serving ware.

Tacos are individually wrapped and labeled and will be packaged in a box or paper bag depending on how you build your order (boxes vs. 6-packs). Each box or bag will include labels with detailed descriptions so you and your guests can see the ingredients in each taco.

NOTE: The taco box top can be opened and folded inward to create a fun tabletop display. Click here for a short video on how to set it up!

If needed, we recommend holding tacos in a warm oven (at no higher than 200° F). Based on our experience, our tacos don’t do well in chaffing dishes. The steam has a potential to ruin the tortillas and therefore your taco. Keep in mind, that while our flour tortillas tend to hold up well over time, the same can not be said for our corn tortillas. We recommend eating those immediately.

Yes! We provide 8 ounces of both our homemade red and green salsas with each box of tacos. For 6-packs, we provide 3 ounces of each salsa. If you’d like additional salsa, 32-ounce portions of salsa (with chips) are available for ordering.

We’re committed to reducing waste and offer paper boats (our version of a plate), napkins, utensils and cups upon request at an additional cost. These items can be found in the “Serving Stuff” section of the menu when putting your order request together.